In the Forest – An Environmental Pop-Up Book for Kids

In this beautiful pop-up book by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud discover the lush green world of the rain-forest and how it is under threat by man.



You are tasked to find the sloth on each page hidden amongst the diminishing number of trees. And as other animals flee whilst the diggers destroy the forest with each page turn, the sloth is left dreaming and slumbering.

This is a cautionary tale, with a happy ending as in our favourite page the reparatory nature of man is uncovered, planting a new forest (pull the tab to see the seeds sprout into new growth! And soon there is a whole new forest and the sloth is back in his home.

The artwork is a subtle and refreshing, and it’s a joy to find the hidden creatures amongst the greenery. Highly recommended for your special book shelf.

‘In the Forest’ Pop-Up Book is published by Tate Publishing (£14.99). Available at