Imaginative storage ideas for your child’s bedroom

Imaginative storage ideas for your child’s bedroom – words Alexa Wang

Sometimes it feels like kids love nothing more than making a mess. While showering your children with all the new toys and gadgets might fill you with joy, you can soon run out of space in their bedroom, especially if they don’t have a system for putting their toys away.

Taking advantage of some smart storage can greatly aid you in keeping your child’s room tidy, as well as encourage your little one to put things away after them.

We have compiled 5 of the most useful storage tips for your child’s bedroom. Follow these imaginative storage ideas so that you can check on them in the middle of the night without stepping on a piece of Lego or an up-turned plug — ouch!



Before even thinking about organising your child’s belongings, you should think about decluttering. Kids sprout up so fast that they can outgrow their clothes in a matter of months, while they grow out of their favourite toys just as quickly — this can lead to you hanging on to a load of unnecessary clutter. The task can be complicated, however, by the time it takes to declutter a room as well as having a means of packing and getting rid of unwanted items. It might be easier to hire a specialist such as Pickfords to declutter your room in a sharp fashion, perhaps while your child is out for the day or at school. You will be surprised by how much extra room it can free up.

Back of the door storage

The back of the door is an area that is seldom used for storage, apart from a coat hook or hanger. This is all wasted storage space, and there are some great products out there that allow you to take advantage of it. This 4-pocket over-the-door organiser from Ebay will allow your child to store items such as coloured pencils, toy cars, dolls, or any other hand-sized items that would otherwise be cluttering the room.

Under-bed storage

If your child is at an appropriate age where they could climb up, it could be a great idea to buy them a raised bed that has plenty of room for under-bed storage. This takes advantage of vertical space and, again, is vital room that would otherwise be wasted. The Ultimate Storage Midsleeper Bed from Argos comes with storage drawers and cupboards already built in, so is a fantastic storage product in itself.

Repurpose old drawers and cupboards

Sometimes the best option is not to purchase new storage products but rather to repurpose old ones. If you have a chest of drawers or cupboards that are still functional but perhaps don’t fit the décor of the room, try covering the unit with skirting to make it a more attractive design feature with hidden storage capabilities. A great way to do this is to purchase a bedspread of your child’s favourite TV/film star and repurpose that into skirting.

Plastic storage boxes – use them

Plastic storage boxes are a godsend when it comes to kids’ toys and dolls. Having a few of these boxes allows you and your children to quickly tidy up without having to find a specific place for things. While the temptation is to have a space for everything, and this is the dream, the best option may just be to have your child start putting their toys into a plastic box — a clean floor with no hazards is what you’re striving towards, after all.

Follow these imaginative storage ideas to keep your child’s room as tidy as possible — at least until the next time they’re in it!

Imaginative storage ideas for your child’s bedroom – words Alexa Wang