In search of some wellies fit for space exploration? Look no further than Hunter kids wellies. You might also like the rather 80s disco diva version in sparkling black and gold!

Hunter Wellies – the trusted brand of Gentleman farmers. That stalwart of the country way of life that epitomises good honest country ways. Strange then how such a company should find itself turned into an on trend brand!

Driven in part by the rise in music and cultural festivals and in part by its own heritage, the Hunter welly has been catapulted from traditional obscurity to must have item. Much to the dismay of farmers everywhere the price has shot up too with demand.

And the colours? Long gone are the days of only being able to choose between traditional green and navy. A myriad of vibrant colours are now open to consumers. Our little fluxling #1, having outgrown first her yellow pair, and then her gold pair had set her heart of a new pair in silver. Luckily for us we were pleased to find that Hunter had foreseen such a surge in colour popularity and so our little girl got her wish. She is now the proud owner of her new shiny Hunters and likes to test them way beyond the garden. She get lots of comments and compliments which of course she loves and gets to keep her feet cozy dry and warm in style.

Silver Hunter wellies are available at