Hevensent: Stories in Childrens Wallpaper

Hevensent are telling stories in childrens wallpaper. Deer, owls and foxes peep through the branches of a magical, sleeping copper forest; dreamy riders gallop on stardust horses through a pink night sky; drowsy friends sail across clouds of sleep fishing for stars on grand galleon boats pulled by bluebirds.



We’re super in love with Hevensent which is a charming kids’ wallpaper collection made in Manchester. Beautifully illustrated with designs based on magical, dreamlike stories, the range has a heritage but avant-garde feel. The wallpapers whisper luxury. Yet the price tags are actually pretty realistic especially if you choose to paper one wall which would look just amazing anyway.

The inspiration for Hevensent comes from designer, Janet Hodcroft’s storytelling to her own children. She explains, “While planning dinner, or running a bath, I would chat with my babies and make-up stories to keep them entertained. A large bath towel would turn into a magical flying carpet that would transport us over chocolate waterfalls to imaginary lands. Each time the adventure would be more daring and imaginative.  As our stories grew, illustrations and family members would appear. Slowly the adventures materialised into story wallpapers and products, each one with its own magic.”

Over time the family adventures evolved into the gorgeous and very personal family business that is Hevensent and its rooted identity named in memory of the family grandmother, Hannah Evans.

The Hevensent range is designed and manufactured in England, using locally sourced materials. This is due to Janet’s philosophy of supporting small local businesses, which helps keep heritage crafts alive. Add to that the built in Hevensent good feeling you get in return. Rather than donating a proportion of ‘profits’ which, let’s face it, could mean anything, Hevensent donate a flat £2 of every item sold to Save the Children.

To find out more about Hevensent childrens wallpaper see www.hevensent.com.