A drawer full of lovely soft socks with no holes is an essential ingredient to getting happy in the morning. In fact, the right socks are actually quite jolly things – I guess that’s why they make such good playthings and kids can never keep them on!



Swedish fashion sock brand Happy Socks have been making great grown up socks since 2008. Their fun style has seen the colourful foot warmers gaining popularity, and with their bright graphic themes it’s only surprising it’s taken them so long to step towards the younger audience. Well wait no longer as this autumn Happy Socks are extending their range to include kids sock sizes.

Happy Socks kid’s socks come in a gamut of patterns from animal prints to spotty mix-ups to test card stripes. For colours take your pick – the palette has been adapted for kids and include primary block colours and mono clashes. Our favourite sytles include the knee high leopard socks and the magenta and orange zebra print.

Happy Socks’ Mikael Söderlindh says, “Since the beginning of Happy Socks, people have asked us about kids socks; but so far our answer was always a “no”. After four years of experience, we grew up from that original opinion and started thinking of how cute kids can be and can dress. Happy Socks also wanted to be part of that.”

On thing is for sure. A drawer full of these wonderful creations is enough to make anyone smile, and kids will just love wearing them too. Now if they could just think of a way to keep them in pairs and on feet that would be a step towards foot heaven this winter….

Happy Socks kids sock styles are made from 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane. Sizes range from toddler to preteen. See www.happysocks.com.