Flux favourites for sometime, Taiwan based haoshi Design make some of the most beautiful, subtley unique items we’ve come across.

All handmade in pure white resin, these are ‘good things’ for life. haoshi is ‘good things’ in Chinese, and haoshi design believe that life is full of happy and interesting things.



haoshi Design was established in 2009. The designers say, “In our daily life, emotions are often affected by trifles easily, and it is easy to neglect some ‘good things’ around us which can bring us joyfulness and satisfaction. So we add a kind of purity and peace into our design concept. By using concrete exquisite technical art to present the abstract life concept, designers’s life philosophy can present completely and perfectly through the visual art.”

That translates to their range of thoughtful, sentimental products – all pure in their white resin form. The range goes from clocks to accessories. I call these no noise items – everything is white, everything is relaxed like a meditation for all ages.

Making perfect Christmas gifts to treasure, or memories for parents, or Christening gifts, or ignore all that and get them as adult accessories, haoshi Design are international artisans.

The Carousel Clock is unlike anything we’ve seen with the riders’ (a boy, his mother and father) motion representing the passing of time. The newest addition is the swallow clock where each digit on the traditional clock is represented by a swallow in different stages of flight. Easy to assemble with a central unit housing the hands and motion, it’s simply a matter of placing the swallows using the template provided. A great update of ducks flying across the walls and one for the kids to argue over when they leave home! Or decide which animal you are from the intricately carved range on necklaces. Deer, frogs, elephants, giraffes, it’s a zoological dream.

Items to treasure – they all are and we love it. Order early for Christmas delivery!

See www.haoshi.com.tw  to purchase or for UK stockists.