With sustainability, natural beauty and high fashion all wrapped up in their singular product, Gudrun & Gudrun are a grown up Flux favourite.

So we were super excited to come across the Faroese killer designers’ additions to their wonderful range of handmade jumpers for children for AW13.



Fashion designer Gudrun Ludvig and project maker Gudrun Rógvadóttir started working together in 1999 after meeting up when Rógvadóttir was back in the islands for a holiday. The Faroe islands are a tiny cluster of 18 islands halfway between Shetland and Iceland – a semi-autonomous dependency of Denmark with a fiercely independent attitude. Summers are short, and sheep-herding and fishing are still essential elements of the economy.

For both women, producing garments that owe something to their Faroese culture is important. And whilst famous as the brand behind the handmade jumpers worn by actress Sofie Gråbøl in her role as Sarah Lund in the cult Danish detective series, The Killing, the main focus of the brand is that it is a local product made with local materials by local women.

The kids’ collection, ‘Marrakech Unannounced’, is inspired by the simplicity of life during the travels through the villages that surround the former imperial city of Morroco. The Gudrun’s inspiration is reflected in a campaign whose images don’t use models, but real village children surrounded by their natural environment and of course looking just wonderful in the knits.

Gudrun & Gudrun really define the idea of ‘slow clothing’ in their knitwear ranges. The raw product used in the knitting is 100% untreated and undyed Faroese wool, and the kid’s range is no different. The wool is taken from Faroese sheep who reside in the mountains all year, grazing on un-fertlised grass. The result is the softest finest wool that on top of all that, is taken from sheep kept for their mutton, so no animal is used for its skin alone.

The knitting is done using oceans of time, that transfers itself to the character of the clothes. The handmade production is shared by both Faroese and Jordanian women – Gudrun & Gudrun have their own woman’s empowerment project in Jordan, believing that empowerment all starts with the opportunity to earn your own money.

The Gudrun & Gudrun vision is to make a difference. One which is very simple, yet very ambitious. The brand want to make clothes that live up to the standards of conscious consumers who care about the environment and our common natural resources merged with the desire to be stylish. They also care about having a sense of time, time to think, time to dream and reacquaint oneself with the people and world around us. All this comes through their handmade and hand-knitted philosophy.

“It’s all about time, the time you allow yourself not doing anything – or anything that is part of the daily duties,” say the designers. “The Faroese women take the knitting into their hands, while knitting you can let your thoughts fly. You can watch TV. And you can have a chat. After a good and positive day the knit might be a little looser than after a tough day. You might very well be able to see those feelings in the finished garment.”

“You might call it therapy – we just call it knitting,” they say. Well, we call it a damn fine way to clothe your child with a sense of self, social responsibility and of course fashion. After all, not every item of clothing has such a story to tell.

You can browse the full collection (adults and kids!) at http://shop.gudrungudrun.com