I just love dungarees on kids, and from the first time I stumbled upon the dungarees by Grubbies at Bubble London, I’ve been struck by just how retro -cool they are.



All made in the UK, fluxlings will be recommending Grubbies at every opportunity. Practical to wear (and innovative fastenings to make life really easy) with piped details the original Grubbies are great for toddlers. And the denim enthused team at Grubbies have looked at dungarees for the really small and come up with Gummies – no falling down straps, just all in one denim with front zips!

We say every under 5 in the land should have at least one pair of these wonderful dungarees in their essentials closet. So stocking fill away!

For more information on Grubbies childrens dungarees see www.grubbies.co.uk