The statistic that 1 in every 9 babies are born either premature or sick in the UK is pretty terrifying. That’s over 80,000 babies every year with one being admitted to special care every six minutes.

It must be agonising for those parents, faced with the overwhelming emotions of having a new baby to be hit doubly by an even tinier, more vulnerable little creature that may have to spend months in hospital shattering illusions of an idyllic homecoming.

Bliss is the top UK charity working to provide the best possible care and support for all premature and sick babies and their families. The charity works to ensure the vital care that babies receive after birth is the best it can be, in the knowledge of the profound impact this can have on the rest of their lives. They also offer invaluable support to parents working with doctors and nurses an campaigning ti ensure the needs of babies and their families are always heard.


From September this year Green People’s Organic Babies range will be supporting Bliss by donating 20,000 samples to be included in ‘support packs’ which are handed out by Bliss in hospital wards across the country. The Organic Babies Scent Free Baby Wash contains only safe non-irritating ingredients and no awful chemicals. This makes it ideal for babies with sensitive skin and offers a wonderfully gentle ath time.

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