Giotto: Colour Power for Little Hands

There are a lot of kids coloured pencils and crayons around aimed at the under fives, but our favourites at fluxlings are the range by Giotto and in particular the Giotto Be-Bé pencils.



Unlike some whose colour is dull and waxy (needed loads of pressing on to get any kind of coverage) the Giotto Be-Bé pencils are bright and bold. With thick lead that doesn’t break, the pencils are soft so it is easy for the child to mark the page. The chunky size makes them easy to grip and control. They are easy to sharpen too with each pack including one chunky oversized red sharpener that’s made for little hands.

Great for building colouring confidence, the pack we got last Christmas have lasted all year, being used just about every day, so we’re certainly adding a new pack to our Christmas Wishlist this year.

We’re also trying out some Giotto Be-Bé Super paint right now. There’s nothing better than having a stock of squeezy paint bottles ready for rainy afternoons, so we thought we’d give these a try as we loved the pencils so much. The colours, like the pencils, are strong and vibrant making super exciting little works of art. Alongside the standard colours, you can also get metallic and fluorescent bottles for extra special projects!

The paint texture is great – not too thick or too runny, like baby bear’s porridge – and we found it really easy to use and mix! For any sensitive little souls out there, the paint is dermatologically tested, and perhaps best for mums, it’s also super washable and easily comes off akin and clothing with water and soap.

Giotto Be-Bé jumbo pencil crayons (packs of 12) and Giotto Be-Bé Super paint (packs of 8 x 250ml or individually) are available from online retailers including