Set Friendship in Motion with Thomas & Friends

Set Friendship in Motion with Thomas & Friends – words Alexa Wang

I think we can all recall certain toys that for some reason we loved as kids and are still locked firmly in our brains. Now as adults we can still feel that magic which we associate with that certain toy.

I can still see an Orange Tonka beach buggy and of course my metal wind up train set. Well Mattel, knowing all about this, have come up with a new campaign that highlights the emotional attachment we all have with our toys.

The campaign features the video Friendship in Motion with Thomas & Friends and is designed to promote their much loved Thomas & Friends website and brand. It picks up on the fact that as adults we often pass our love for certain toys to the next generation. We pass on this love sometimes to our kids. In fact we often relive our childhoods by playing with our kids. It’s an excuse really. We can all play again under the cover of playing with our children.

The new video Set Friendship in Motion for Thomas & Friends really tugs at the old heart strings. We get to meet Jack and Tim who actually met at nursery and have become lifelong friends. They have shared a lot together throughout their lives. They played with Thomas and Friends toys themselves as kids and this experience has stayed with them into their adult lives.

It shows them going through the various stages of life, those teenage years, university, your first flat, meeting girls, marriage and finally kids. In the grand finale we get to see Jack and Tim’s own young boys playing together. They are absorbed with their game playing with Thomas & Friend’s toys. The two dads sit back proudly and share a look.

Set Friendship in Motion with Thomas & Friends – words Alexa Wang