Holy unanticipated occurrences! A cynic meets an unlikely superhero in a genre-breaking new novel by a master storyteller.

The combination of a cynical young girl and a superhero squirrel who unite in this lovely new book by Kate diCamillo is just genius, fun filled, endearing and exciting.


Our hero, Flora, is a cynical tween girl who witnesses the extraordinary accident that changes a run of the mill squirrel into a superhero when he is sucked into her neighbour’s vacuum cleaner. With powers of strength, flight and poetry, Flora tasks herself with fulfilling Ulysses the squirrel’s superhero destiny and protecting him from his nemesis who must be out there somewhere. Flora is a comic book geek, so she really is the best person for this job!

We love the mix of novel and graphic sequences (the illustrations/comic sequences are beautifully placed and all created by talented new artist, K. G. Campbell) in this book that, with its accessible prose, make the book dynamic and engrossing. It’s a groundbreaking combination, overcoming the limitations of a pure graphic format but adding a great way to get over the superheroes slapstick sections in the story.

The story is silly but at the same time filled with the tenderness and longing that is more typical DiCamillo fare. Ultimately a story of friendship, it’s a great read for its intended 7+ audience. Highly recommended by seven year old fluxlings #1 who loved it cover to cover!

Flora & Ulysses is out now on Walker Books.