A beautiful 100 page book introducing all things nature to children, ‘A First Book of Nature’ is a wonderfully lyrical exploration of the British countryside.

Like a mini encyclopaedia, but mixing fact and fiction in its recipes, poems, descriptions of animals and countryside activities, this is a book that will inspire you to get outside into the sunshine to hunt for the world in its pages.

Nicola Davies guides us through the seasons, from dandelions, lambs tails and nesting in the spring to pod dipping, lizards and dens in the summer, to worms, spiderlings and harvest in autumn to snow songs, beechcombing and deer in the winter. The text is fun and informative, and easy to dip in and out of. Perfect for reading aloud to a younger child, or for a newish reader to cuddle up with. For example on moths, Davis writes, “It’s a moth. It flies at night and steers by the moon’s glow. It got muddles by the lamplight so it flew indoors. Switch off the light and leave the window open. It will fly off safe into the dark.”

The scrapbook feel is brought together exquisitely by the illustrations of Mark Hearld, which reproduce the vivid colours of each season on woodfree paper. Hearld says, “Paper cut pigeons fly through the air and collages fish swim in a rock pool – this book has been a joy to illustrate,” and you can see his enjoyment you as you turn each page to find fresh delights in the cast of creatures.

This an absolutely lovely, observant and evocative book, vividly capturing the British weather, wildlife, and countryside in all its multi-coloured glory. Highly recommended by fluxlings!

‘A First Book of Nature’ written by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Mark Hearld is published by Walker Books.