Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda

Published by Walker Books

Enclyclopedia Mythologica: Dragons and Monsters is the grand finale to the Enclyclopedia series by Reinhart and Sabuda, and anyone who knows their elaborate pop-up work will have an idea of the delights that are inside this book.

We had Sabuda’s 12 Days of Christmas book, which is another pop-up masterpiece and Fluxling #1 is a monster addict, loving anything from Scooby Doo to Greek Myths to the Gruffalo. So this is a perfect book for her.

Lurking in the pages are some breathtaking scenes and creatures by the pop-up maestros. A Kraken grapples with a ship in the high seas, a vampire leaps from his coffin to bite you on the neck, a snake covered, hissing Medusa turns the reader to stone. This book is crammed with creatures with each spread featuring a main demon with smaller demons hidden in mini-books to each side. Alongside the pop-ups, there is text filling you in on the folklore surrounding each of the stunning creatures.

This is a real Ooooh! Aaaah! pop-up that is a great conversation piece. To be enjoyed by just about everyone, every time we have a new visitor this will eventually be brought downstairs by its little owner and it never fails with its ability to produce squeals of delight. Just amazing and a must have for all kids.