Electra Kids Bikes: Ride Like the Wind

Electra Bikes is a brand that has both led and tracked our love affair with two wheels on its 22 year journey to create bikes inspired by art, music, fashion, the California sunshine, the ease of a perfect day and amazing people around the world.

The leading lifestyle bicycle brand in the U.S. with more than 200 models in their signature collections, the Southern California-based company boasts some of the most comfortable and beautiful bicycles on the market today. And their kids bike range has some of the most stylish bikes we’ve seen letting the little ones ride like the wind on the fun, trendy styles.



Two favourites for Christmas this year are the Tiger Shark Kids’ for boys and the Hawaii Kids’ for girls both in 16” or the 20” models. And if the kids haven’t outgrown their own trusty stead just yet, you can get a bit of the Electra style with the accessories on offer with bells, saddles, baskets, streamers, handlebar flowers, horns, lights, mirrors, bottle cages, cup holders and badges.

Robin Canedy of Electra said, “Christmas is such an exciting time of year, especially for children. We love creating bikes and accessories for kids and we love Christmas! Riding a bike should be fun and not just a means to get from here to there.  Kids are spontaneous and all have different personalities, so we have created a range that they can really make their own!”

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