As a universal parenting-whole, we are more and more careful about baby skincare and what we put in and on little bodies.

Sometime this can go overboard – I know someone who was still sterlising their child’s cups at age 3! I mean, as if they are not putting snot and mud all over their hands and faces anyway at that age and contaminating that cup themselves in about 5 seconds. We now hear reports of babies unable to cope with any kind of germs and going in to general meltdown at the mere smell of another child.

But when it comes to baby skincare products, I am very much a propopent of only natural, organic if possible, no chemical products. After all who wants to fill a lovely clean bath with parabens and hydor-what’s-its-face anyway? When Fluxling #2 was born his skin seemed to react to just about everything and bathed him in ground up oats and nothing else for months which actually did the trick. We eventually found out he was reacting to the Fairy Bio washing products that had been our salvation for Fluxlings #1 so I had not suspected them….!

The very lovely Earth Friendly Baby range is one of those sets of products that makes you feel good about bath times. I’ve been using their Eco Baby Wipes and some of the products on and off since Fluxling #1 was a baby (they were sold in our local alternative store) but probably not as much with Fluxling #2. So I was excited to hear that they were going to send us a package of goodies to try out.

Earth Friendly Baby has won awards for their baby skincare range that is now part of the Lansinoh family. All ingredients are plant-derived, biodegradable, and free from artificial colouring, synthetic fragrance and parabens, ensuring bath time is worry-free for parents, soothing for baby, and safer for the environment.

The shampoo/boby wash comes in chamomile, lavendar and mandarin flavours, which smell lovely – not too intense – and are full of lovely, light foaming bubbles. The bubble bath is also great – quite runny so don’t let your child get their hands on the bottle or the whole thing will be in the bath – but the bubbles are great and fun and rinse away easily. We also tried the body lotion which made fluxling #1 feel very grown up as we don’t usually use moisturisers after baths as a matter or course. We really recommend these products for babies and older children. I’ve often steered clear of products that use essential oils to avoid any reactions, but these have been just fine and make for a lovely smelling bath-time!

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