DJ Rob Tissera loves a family rave with Big Fish Little Fish

Fluxlings are super excited to be hooking up with the irresistible and original family rave team, Big Fish Little Fish. We’ll be bringing it back to Leeds with Rob Tissera at the wheel for a voyage Down the Rabbit Hole on at Stylus nightclub on 23 June. Check end of story for the chance to win a family ticket!

Iconic DJ Rob Tissera is plotting a course for an Alice in Wonderland themed party, where parents can let their hair down as much as the kids reliving their clubbing days and introducing the kids to the music they love.



Big Fish Little Fish have been helping parents be responsibly irresponsible since 2013. Their parties are now gracing real club spaces and festivals across the UK and in Australia. It’s a place where classic club tracks meet bubbles, glowsticks, glitter and crafts, with giant balloons and the legendary parachute dance (with a licensed bar of course!).

Rob Tissera is the founding father of Kissdafunk, and will be playing an eclectic mix of house and old skool dance music for his Big Fish Little Fish dates (he’s not only playing Leeds, but before that is heading to Sheffield on 20th May). A DJ superstar, and creator of dance classic ‘The Day Will Come’ under his alterego Quake, he’s travelled the world as an international house and hard house DJ. Which makes it extra special that he’s stepping out for the kids this summer.



We had a chat with Rob, and also threw in some questions from our 7 year old fluxlings, to find out about the ins and outs of his DJ career, and what he thinks of playing for a family crowd. Feeling ready for the dancefloor right now!


FLUXLINGS: What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen from the DJ booth?

ROB TISSERA: I once saw a girl on dummy horse being wheeled across the dancefloor in a shopping trolley at Sundissential in Birmingham. True story.

FLUXLINGS: If you could relive one moment from your amazing career what would it be?

ROB TISSERA: I Playing to full dancefloor on Space Terrace in Ibiza for Kissdafunk in 2004. It was a couple of hours to treasure forever.

FLUXLINGS: What would you say to a kid starting off DJing now?

ROB TISSERA: Work like a trojan every day and also, make music as this keeps you current and gives you profile to gain more DJ bookings.

FLUXLINGS: If you could choose any DJ to come to do a big set in Leeds who would it be?

ROB TISSERA: Carl Cox. He is the Guvnor. I DJ’d with him several times in the nineties and he is such a gentleman. Carl and Tony De Vit are my two biggest inspirations.

FLUXLINGS: What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you play it?

ROB TISSERA: I play lots of different genres. So here are my top 3:

Trance: Binary Finary ‘1998’

House: Alison Limerick ‘Where Love Lives’

Rave: Baby D ‘Let Me Be Your Fantasy’

FLUXLINGS: Did you have a favourite year for DJing?

ROB TISSERA: That’s a really tough one – but 2004 was really special. Travelled to so many places and I also did the Radio Essential Mix.

FLUXLINGS: Do you listen to non-dance music? What do you listen to?

ROB TISSERA: I love soul music like D Train, Chaka Khan, Massive Attack and I also love Everything But The Girl. My wife and I listen to Kisstory in the car too for a bit of bangin’ Garage too.

FLUXLINGS: Big Fish Little Fish is an amazing chance for parents to get out, and I know the first time we went, it was joyous to get into a club environment again with real DJs! Does it feel like a real clubbing experience from your perspective?

ROB TISSERA: It’s great fun to reconnect with lots of people who I’ve played for in loads of clubs over the last 20 years. I’ve seen absolutely tons of people at your events who I haven’t seen in years. It’s also great to get a reaction to music from all the children who’ve never heard the tunes before.

FLUXLINGS: Apart from the time of day, how is playing BFLF different to playing a usual set?

ROB TISSERA: Every single tune has to be a real winner in order to keep everybody engaged. It makes me play a more ‘off the cuff’ set. It’s a pure pleasure though and I love every second.

FLUXLINGS: What would you say to parents thinking of trying a kids’ rave for the first time?

ROB TISSERA: Don’t hesitate for a second. You’ll love it and you’ll meet lots of friends old and new. So will your children.

FLUXLINGS: Is there a track that you’ve noticed the kids really love even though they’ve probably not heard it before?

ROB TISSERA: Faithless – Insomnia. This is my ‘Parachute dance’ song


And what Rob said to Thomas Aged 7:

THOMAS: How did you get into DJing in the first place?

ROB TISSERA: I heard a couple of great DJs back in the late Eighties who made me feel like I wanted to do nothing else but play music and make people happy.

T: How many records have you got? Do you still play records or is it electronic some times?

RT: I have thousands but they are all in storage. I mostly use usb sticks to store all my music and I use Pioneer Rekordbox to put all the tunes into folders.

T: Have things ever gone totally wrong?

RT: Yes. Lots of times. When cd players were a brand new concept. I pressed the eject button instead and the track that was playing fired out of the cd player and landed in the crowd. I had to start again after apologising to the 800 people in the club.

T: Which button do you press the most?

RT: Play is my favourite.

T: What was your most fun/funny/unusual gig?

RT: The gigs that Garlands used to throw in Ibiza were so much fun. It was like a carnival accompanied by DJs.

T: Is there a track that you are always getting asked to play that you actually hate?

RT: Not really. I never play anything that I don’t like. It’s against the law. Ha ha.


‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ with Rob Tissera and Big Fish Little Fish is on 23rd June from 2pm at Stylus, Leeds. Tickets are available now here (£9 adults, £6 children, pre-walking children free). You can also find Big Fish Little Fish across the country in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Cardiff, Birmingham and many more this summer. Check out for full listings.


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