DIY Home Design Projects – article by Alexa Wang

The sustainable environment happily evolves swiftly and technology emphasizes this growth towards revolutionary actions able to change the world. Drones can now plant millions of seeds, scout crops and manage pest control with ease.

In this wonderful era we live, today we have access to information from pretty much anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes and happily we can find out how we can protect our environment from anywhere in the world.


The fast pace of evolution emphasizes our world but with it a great deal of responsibility comes. The more we produce the more we consume the more we need to look back on our path and ensure we have done everything possible to offer a clean, beautiful experience to those who follow us.

Here sustainability concerns are raised, here three very important actions are preached and taught: recycling, repurposing and up-cycling, these are the main pillars of a sustainable attitude and they also happen to match the DIY creative movement perfectly.

In the following rows we will presently swiftly how simple DIY Home Design Projects can improve your home from both a sustainable and a design point of view alike. Simple actions can lead to great things.

#1 Use Pallets In Your Household

Wooden pallets are items used in the world on daily basis and while most of them are reused and repaired as much as possible a handful are still thrown away daily mainly because a board is cracked and no one would spend time to repair it or simply because transporting them back is not cost effective.

Wooden pallets carry coziness and warmth in their resilient nature and as a result creative DIY enthusiasts have adopted them with their loving nature and on the World Wide Web you can find today everything from jewelry crafts to beds and sofas, all these tutorials having the wooden pallet as a base element.

#2 Recycle Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottle should be recycled first hand. Along with paper, plastic is recycled heavily in multiple countries but in remote areas and less urbanized areas the energy invested in plastic bottles is still hitting the waste piles, daily. It is important to realize that this energy can be put to good use by repurposing or up-cycling the bottle.

You can use them to create new planters for your indoor garden, you can use them to store condiments in the kitchen or you can transform them in craft supplies organizers.

Get creative with simple elements, it is easy, beautiful.

#3 Build Decorative Items

The most common DIY projects adopted by DIY enthusiasts are the one of a small scale. Basically the one able to make a difference in interior design without changing the design line.

Wind chimes are being made out of glass bottles, personal collections are being arranged beautifully as wall art and family photos are being displayed proudly in the living room.

DIY projects with meaning have an immense presence as well, items like dream catchers, diy birthday gifts. These summon a strong feeling of appurtenance, they connect the individual with the memory and experience of the beautiful craft beyond the fact that they`re actually crafted with love, they`re personal, authentic, tailored to fit the creative mind like a glove. If you are to construct a dream-catcher today for your bedroom design, it will be unique; no one in the world will have something similar.

Inexpensive, simple and environmental friendly actions can lead to a more beautiful, cleaner tomorrow, these actions can indirectly clean our air and save the planet a whole lot of energy. By recycling and repurposing we give the earth a chance to breath, we protect it from waste and pollution.

Moreover DIY Projects offering use the change to create a bond with our home, we create items with memory and experience, items that will make our house feel like a home, all these are inexpensive and beautiful in the end too. What do you think? Would love to hear your opinion on the subject in the comment section below!

DIY Home Design Projects – article by Alexa Wang