Some little girls just love sparkles – and so do some Mums! There’s no getting away from it. So if your daughter is scoring high in the thoroughly modern Princess department then here’s one from Diesel Kid and Swarovski for you.



We’ve all come across the Swarovski phenomena. And of course we all know the Italian denim machine that is Diesel, famous for their quirky tongue in cheek ad campaigns and supporting rising creatives like the IT#S fashion awards that take place in Italy each year. So if you put the two together you get this capsule collection that gets precious covering three Diesel Kid pieces with Swarovski Elements.

Not for those who like to see their daughter in nothing but traditional retro styling, this collection is for mini divas who are right up there in the fashionista stakes. For girls aged from 6 to 16, it features a spectacular aged blue denim jacket adorned with crystals on the collar and pockets, and a luxurious glittering Mohican Indian on the back made up of 2000 Swarovski Elements! The 5 pocket jeans are a skinny fit with a double line of Swarovski down each side of the leg, with more Swarovski details decorating the pockets. Finally, a long-sleeved white t-shirt featuring the sentence “I see you crystal clear” is characterized by a watercolor print created with handmade effects and a sprinkling of crystals for a very pleasing touch. All the graphics are designed especially for Diesel Kid and the crystals have been applied manually by the creative team at Swarovski Italy.

These items are not for those too worried about price tags in the words of Jessie J (fluxling #1’s current favourite) with prices from £100 to £450 for the jacket. But they are premium items made to treasure so worth it if it’s on your girl’s wish list.

If you are into an ultra bling effect, go for all three. Personally I think these would be just great mixed with other items, like putting the jeans with a floppy knit and sandals, or the jacket over an all in one pant-suit.

The capsule collection will be available from August 2012 in Harrods and on-line at