Want to decorate your kids room on a budget? Here’s how…

Want to decorate your kids room on a budget? Here’s how… – words Henry Veno

When it comes to designing a kids room, it is not a 10-min job that you can get done within a few bucks. You have to consider a number of things and it can end up to be a costly affair too.

Being creative and using inspiring ideas can help you create rooms that are amazing and will even last till the teen days of your kids. This is necessary as nobody wants to end up renovating the room every 3-4 years and spend thousands on furniture and furnishings.

So to help you out, here I am with some practical yet exciting ideas so you can decorate your kids room on a budget in a way that can last for more than a decade.


Get your child onboard

The first thing you should understand is that you are designing your kids room and so their active participation can help you a long way. Instead of asking them to give opinions, just give them a few choices and you will get instant answers. For example, give them two-three options of bedding with colours and prints that are just within your budget and they will easily choose one for you.

Work with colours

The look of the whole room will change just by using some splash of colours. Again, it is a cheaper option too when it comes to remodelling the room for the kids. So what are you waiting for? Get the brush in your hand and paint a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Again, use colours that will grow with your child like neutral colour palette rather than going for some bright colours. You can make use of two-three shades and even keep a wall free for drawing and painting.

Moreover, use the plain walls and decorate them with different prints and patterns. Make sure you don’t use very childish ideas and don’t go for the latest trends that may only last for a few years. This will save you from working and spending on it again and again.

Play with patterns and colours

As we have said earlier, using the neutral palette for the walls is good. But you can always work with colour and patterns when it comes to furnishings and accessories in the kids room. You can have bright coloured curtains, rugs, stuffed toys, hangings, drawers and much more.

Invest on quality furniture & bedding

One of the important investments you have to make on your kids room is to get the kind of the furniture that may last long. Nowadays, you can easily find cribs that can be turned to beds as your kids grow. Again investing in good drawers, chests, dressers and all will go a long way as your kids need more storage space at every age.

When it comes to bedding, you should always consider the discounts and sales and never opt for the costly ones. The reason for it is that you will have to change the bedding after a few years as they may get worn out. So better start making use of the vouchers of Made.com kids furniture and bedding to get them at cheaper rates.

Use up the free space

Kids have a good number of things to store. So instead of stuffing the rooms with more drawers, you can make use of the space under the bed to store toys and other stuff. You can even go for wall mounting shelves and fill them with baskets to store stuff.

Create an art gallery

When it comes to decorating rooms, using art pieces is very common. But that does not mean that you have to buy expensive art items from the market. You can even frame the drawings of your kids or keep their artwork to display. This will be very cheap as well as create a memory as your kids grow.

Always understand that it is foolish to spend a lot on kids room as their taste and needs change with time. So using some effective techniques and decorating the room in an ‘all-kids-age’ fashion can go a long way and help you save a lot of money.

Want to decorate your kids room on a budget? Here’s how… – words Henry Veno

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