When should I start buying my daughter jewellery?

When should I start buying my daughter jewellery? – words Alexa Wang

If you have a young daughter who has started to express an interest in jewellery, you may be wondering whether she is at an appropriate age yet to start receiving jewelry as a gift.

When should you start buying my daughter jewellery? There are actually several points to this – whether she is old enough to appreciate ‘special’ jewellery as a gift intended to be kept for best or held onto for sentimental reasons, whether she is old enough to wear jewelry and take care of it safely, and whether ‘real’ jewellery will appeal to her as a gift or she still just wants sparkly, pretty ‘dress up’ pieces.

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‘Proper’ Jewellery Versus Dress Up Stuff

Proper grown-up jewelry is something most young girls start wearing – if it suits their taste – once they are old enough. Beads, earrings, and rings are all things that can be dangerous when a child is too young, but school-age girls are usually mature enough to be able to wear these safely. For younger children, bulky plastic toy jewelry is a better bet, and still best reserved for supervised ‘dress up’ games rather than to be worn normally.

Sentimental Value?

It can be tempting to want to mark special occasions like birthdays by giving your daughter a special piece of jewelry to keep, however, it can be easy to forget that while these are the kind of things we look back on as adults and treasure, as gifts for children, a simple silver bangle engraved with a sweet message is nowhere near as fun or exciting as a Barbie house or an iPad! That is not to say there is no place for these types of gift but appreciate that you may need to think about whether or not your daughter is mature enough to see it as something special and valuable, that she will take care of, or miss the meaning and fail to look after it or appreciate the reason you got it. If you think she has reached an age where she would be delighted by a special jewelry gift, then check out some of the fantastic ethical jewellery at Brilliant Earth for ideas.

Wearing Jewellery

If you think your daughter is old enough now to not only wear jewelry safely but also to want more expensive, ‘serious’ jewelry items, then the other thing to think about is when she will wear it. Simple things like rings and chains can be worn pretty much whenever she wants (unless her school doesn’t allow it) but must be taken off before sport or active play. Make sure your child is responsible enough to remember to take out earrings and take off other jewelry before doing anything like that. More elaborate jewelry, no matter how much she loves it, is probably something you will need to draw some boundaries about. Kids tend to be most drawn to the biggest, sparkliest pieces and don’t really get that it’s not really appropriate to wear big blingy dangly earrings and sparkly diamante necklaces apart from to parties!

Getting her first jewelry pieces can be a lot of fun for a young girl but be sure to choose stuff that is not only safe and appropriate for her age, but also will appeal to her developing tastes!

When should I start buying my daughter jewellery? – words Alexa Wang