The words baby highchair and design statement may seem to be at opposite ends of the style dictionary, especially for the uninitiated in modern day baby products.

Take the chairs you see in any restaurant with their plastic-y frames and sickly pvc seats. But in fact there are some wonderful baby highchairs on the market so you don’t have to panic about the kitchen you’ve just got right being polluted by a hideous chair for the next couple of years.

Newest kid on the block when it comes to ultra-stylish highchairs is the Cosatto Trof. Cosatto are certainly on the rise as a stylish brand for baby products, with attention to detail in both quality of design, build and functionality. So we were really excited to see the Trof highchair, particularly as it has just won the Junior Magazine Design Award for 2012. And they are based right here in the UK so good to see a British brand challenging the Europeans who are so great at this kind of thing.

The Trof baby highchair comes in quite a small box, but when you open up there are not a zillion parts staring you in the face – it is actually quite an easy build. You can feel the quality of the parts as you put it together. The seat itself comes in a dark wood finish, with a back that curves around to form the sides and then the seat which curves down to form the footrest. This makes a great, comfortable ergonomic shape for the little one.

The Cosatto Trof’s cross bar base is made from the same dark wood as the seat, and then you have a chrome trunk that pulls it all together.

The seat cover in the Treehouse style comes on a mono colour scheme of deep orange covered in a cool graphic of white apples. You then have a detachable matching wooden table that you can use or not depending on if you want your little one to eat from the table or the tray.

This highchair really is a beautiful thing, well worth the investment in our opinion. Fluxling #2 – now 21 months – seems super comfortable in there, and we’ve also tried an 8 month old friend in there on a lunch visit who got on just as well with it – just more mess to clean up afterwards! And the cleaning up is easy too with the detachable plastic tray and washable liner.

Some brilliant features are the 360 degree swivel, so you can turn your little one to face you without having to shift the whole chair, the removable plastic table tray (in contrasting deep orange!) that can be put in the dishwasher, adjustable comfortable harness if your little one insists on wriggling around in their chair, the gas height adjuster just like an office chair offering loads of flexibility there – it actually goes quite low if you need to.

We love this chair at It’s a great addition to our growing range of products, and will be replacing our current chair for the time being until fluxling #2 outgrows the Trof. It’s stylish, but still functional not all style over substance. It is not collapsible, but to be honest if you have the space who cares when the chair is as beautiful as this? If you want your kid to be top of the cool list so far as their feeding habits go, the Cosatto Trof is definitely worth a look.

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