Columbia Powderbug toddler snow boots make for epic, snowy fun-filled days without frostbitten little toes.

As serious snowman addicts, the fluxlings are surveying the skies with expectant eyes.

The windows are all steamed up, and yesteday we had cries of ‘it’s snowing’ on and off all day, only to look to find the tiniest bit of snow disappearing when it hit the ground.

But this morning we had the first proper snowfall of the year, so with fluxling #1 at school, fluxling #2 got wrapped up to take his first excited steps in the small amount of white stuff there was before it melted! It was a sunny afternoon. And also to try out to his new Columbia Powderbug Plus toddler snow boots properly for the first time.

The Powderbug Plus boots are lightweight, supportive winter boots that are built to handle snow, slush and protect little toes from the cold. The little man, now aged two, is very pleased with them and goes stomping proudly making tracks up and down the garden steps. A half hour later and with Snowman task finished – it’s a two foot snowman as permitted by the amount of snow completed at great speed as the little amount of snow there is, is disappearing as we build – it’s back inside and boots off. He doesn’t want to take them off, but when they are finally removed they reveal lovely snug dry toes all round.

The Powderbug boots are really easy to get on and off, with velcro straps at the ankles and drawstrings at the top. They have a handy removeable felt liner that is soft and warm and can be easily washed and dried. Plus there’s a label to write names on for nursery and reflective heel logos. And you can also get reassured these will work just fine in more severe conditions with their minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rating. No frostbitten toes then – just epic, snowy fun-filled days from the garden to the ski slopes. Looking forward to some more snow soon and that snowman to get six feet tall and start to fly.

Columbia Powderbug Plus II boots are available in Toddler, Youth and Children’s sizes from