Getting cosy for winter in the fluxlings household. That means jumpers, tights and slippers all ready to nest until the next non-summer-summer arrives.

I first came across Collégien a couple of years ago when I bought a pair of their slipper socks from a French kids website because they looked cute for fluxling#1. Smitten. So in our most recent run in with the brand, we ordered Collégien slippers for both fluxlings – and for me (sparkly red ones!).



Much cooler than slippers, the brand’s slipper sock description is spot on. Collégien slipper socks are unique because you feel like you are wearing socks, but you have a flexible rubber sole that you barely know is there. So they are great for lounging around the house, for wearing on cold kitchen floors or for running outside to bring the washing in. Kids love them because they are so easy to slip on, are super comfortable and the designs are so much fun. I love them because you forget you are even wearing them – but with them on you are ready for anything. And they look great too.

Collégien is a family company located in Tarn, South of France. From trading in sheets and fabrics in the 1860s, the Guille family progressed to producing socks in 1930, with the Collégien brand first appearing in 1947 when the socks were made unique with the injection of a soft rubber sole, giving birth to the popular slipper sock. In 2006 Olivier Guille introduced a new modern design for the slipper-sock with an ergonomic, breathable sole that is still manufactured in France. The rubber sole hugs the foot, with holes and small nodules on the bottom that aerate and provide a non-slip grip.

From their product base, the Collégien range just grows and grows with a massive range of designs that match every taste. I like the ballet styles because they don’t get too hot. But for cosy winters the sock styles are a better bet. The designs can transform the kid’s feet into anything from Russian dolls to Japanese gardens to fish and bears, or cover them in patterns from spots, stripes and stars to traditional fairisle designs. Materials for the sock upper include cushioned cotton, terry cotton and cashmere that hug your feet after a day wearing shoes.

The other great thing to mention about Collégien are the kid’s tights – these are softest girls’ winter tights I’ve come across. Ribbed in block colours that cover the whole rainbow, the tights have separated elasticated shimmery waistbands and the quality is just wonderful. Great comfort for winter to match any outfit -I am really recommending these too!

Collégien slipper socks are available in stores across the UK or online at