Chill Factore: Keeping cool at the end of the holidays

If you think snow and summer only go together in the mind of Frozen’s singing snowman Olaf, your kids will be telling a different story with a treat visit to Chill Factore these summer holidays.



The home of the UK’s longest indoor real snow slope, is a must on your list of summer activities now school is officially out (or will be by tomorrow for most of our kids). So if you want to imagine how much cooler you can be in summer, here’s a rundown of what Chill Factore has on offer throughout July and August.

Chill Factore is the North West’s top snow attraction, and has hosted over 10 million visitors since it launched in 2007 featuring the UK’s longest indoor real snow slope at 180 metres long. You can book ski and snowboard lessons and enjoy the snow park that is perfect for kids of all ages. It’s the only adventure playground in the UK to be housed on real snow and has four exciting rides:

  • Downhill Donuts – in huge rubber rings, watch out as you spin around and around, whizzing down the slope. For extra fun, try the new double tubes to double the thrill you experience.
  • Luge Slip ‘N’ Slide – built entirely from ice, twist and turn, slip and slide all the way down the icey track.
  • Sledge ‘O’ Mania – Who will stand victorious? Choose from three sledges before taking to the slopes to race friends and family to the finish.
  • Snow Luge – get the ultimate adrenaline rush as you launch yourself down the slippery luge slope, gathering momentum as you dart to the end.

I was under the impression that a day out at Chill Factore was a budget breaker, but in fact the prices are just £10 per person, and then £5 for an extra hour. You can also hire all the kit – jackets, pants and boots – and believe me, you will need them unless you have your own proper snow gear as that cold will hit you as soon as you go through the door to the slopes. There’s a 12ft high climbing wall and Alpine Village with shops, bars, cafes and restaurants too.

A visit to the Chill Factore is an ideal treat for cooling off during those hot sunny days (or actually, we’ll be heading there when it rains and making the most of the sunshine!).

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