Beach Beautiful: Children’s Swimwear Spectacular for 2015

Summer is on the horizon, and we are licking our lips at the thought of summer holidays or sweltering afternoons with paddling pools and hosepipes.

So it’s a great time to start looking a new swimsuits for the kids. The choice seems to get better every year – from specialist brands offering UV protection and built in buoyancy aids, to high end designers translating their adult style to cute swimmers for the smaller in stature.

If it’s a battle between the designer costumes and the specialist brands, it will probably come down to the age of your child and your own taste (and theirs of course).



Specialist brands tend to include UV protection, rash vests and cover ups in their ranges. Belgian brand Archimède has a long history of making luxury swimwear for kids, specialising in buoyancy float suits to help children learn to swim. Sunuva is a relative newcomer to kids swimwear, specialising in bohemiam styles with built-in UV protection. Beachwear is another Sunuva speciality with the range including great rash vests and floaty cover-ups to keep skin safe from the sun’s rays. One of our season’s favourites is the Sunuva lobster print in red and white on the boys shorts and rash vest!



If you’re looking for protection with designer style, the SS15 Stella McCartney swimwear is hard to beat. With built-in SPF 50 protection, and rash-vests and bodysuits included in the range the safety side is covered. And stylewise, the exciting prints that are a signature of the clothing range have been carried through to swimwear. One of the great things about Stella McCartney Kids is the way style is kept child-like in all the pieces, and that’s also true with the swimwear. Prints include underwater aquarium photography, fantastical unicorns and vintage cartoons covering classic swimwear shapes.



For those who want their fashion to extend all the way to the beach, the Italian high end brands have some amazing designs that get over the personality of their brands for our young ladies! Italy is of course the home of fashion on the beach. Look at the swimsuits from Fendi (whose monster print is one of our favourites!), Dolce & Gabbana (bringing their gorgeous mainline prints to the beach), Young Versace and Moschino (who have some very cute swimsuits for babies and pre-teens). Never too sure about the very skimpy bikinis on girls for playing in the sand on the beach, but there are plenty of gorgeous one pieces here for the most precocious mini fashionitas!

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