Child safety tips for working mothers

Child safety tips for working mothers – words Amy Turnbull

Handling a career and childcare can be a difficult balancing act, but as a working mother nothing takes priority over the safety of your child. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful list of child safety tips for working mothers.

Think smart with your home security

Smartphones, Smart cars and smart TVs have all made our lives easier, but smart home security may be the most useful of them all. A smart home security system can help mothers keep their children safe while they are busy.

Smart home security takes many forms. At their core, most smart home security systems are more complex versions of conventional burglar alarms—utilising sensors to inform homeowners of goings on in their houses.

The “Mother” series of home security sensors, for example, is a particularly mother-and-child friendly smart security system. The set features one ‘mother’ alarm hub, and several ‘child’ sensors. These sensors can be placed on any household items, and computer software will inform you about where these items are and how they are being used. If you are worried about your child finding and playing with the matches, you can configure the smart sensors to alert you whenever the matchbox is moved.

This kind of smart home security also works for slightly older children. If your child arrives home before you get back from work, you can hand them a smart sensor that notifies you whenever they arrive home, to make sure you know they arrived home safely.

Keep an eye out for trouble

Nothing would give you more peace of mind than being able to keep an eye on your children at all times. But as a working mother, this will not always be possible. Luckily, home CCTV cameras can help you with this.

The next best thing to having a second pair of eyes (and sometimes ears), home security cameras are more readily available than ever. One family’s CCTV system made headlines when they caught a cyclist running over their young daughter on the pavement. Thankfully, the child was not seriously injured, and the CCTV footage was used in a public campaign to identify the hit-and-run cyclist and bring him to justice.

CCTV cameras can be used inside and outside the home, to monitor break-ins, but also to monitor your child’s activities. If your child is playing in the garden, a CCTV camera could send you a live feed of what they are getting up to, just in case they take any playful risks that could be dangerous.

You could even invest in smart home CCTV that sends images directly to your mobile phone, which could be very useful if you are out of the house when your child is home.

Have the keys to success

This technology is all well and good for keeping an eye on your children while you are caught up in your hectic working life, but if it alerts you to something you are too busy to respond to, it is useless.

The only way you can have real peace of mind is if you know there is someone ready and able to respond to any potential crisis at your home at any time. That’s where professional keyholding services can come in. As CMS Keyholding explains, keyholding is simply the act of keeping a spare key. But professional keyholding services go much further than that.

If your house is secured by keyholders, “keyguards” will respond any time an alarm is triggered, meaning they can address break-ins, gas leaks, floods and other natural disasters; they can even just check if you left your door unlocked or hair straighteners on.

Making use of modern home security technology and the supportive coverage of keyholders will help any working mother keep their children safe.

Child safety tips for working mothers – words Amy Turnbull