Camper shoes are one of those brands who remain totally original and instantly recognisable. From their Majorcan base where they have operated for 130 years, they create some really innovative, comfortable and fun shoes for adults – and kids shoes too! The adult ranges have included collaborations with some of fashions trailblazers from Bernhard Willhelm to newcomer Romain Kremer. The kids ranges don’t feature such illustrious names, but who needs them when you’ve got inspiration from cats, penguins, butterflies and lovehearts?

For autumn winter this year, we are loving the ‘Stories’ boots pictured here. The leather monochrome penguins will have the little people laughing with every step, playing at being in Antartica.  And the puppy boots – complete with floppy turn down or up ears and blinking eyelashes will have them refusing to ever take these off.

Beautiful fun boots. Comfortable and made for the kids – not just small versions of their parents style!

By the way, Fluxling #1’s favourite from the autumn styles are the red and white shoes with cats embroidered in black across the toes!

Camper shoes for kids are available at Camper stores in Edinburgh (Hanover Street), Glasgow (160 Buchanan Street), London (Arcade 28 Old Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street) and Manchester (St Ann’s Square).