Baby shoes – and toddler shoes – have the chance to tick all the cute boxes, but they also need to help the mini feet inside them take those first steps, runs and jumps. They should also stay on! And make us laugh, and smile when we look at those first shoes when our child has long outgrown them.

Some baby shoes can be ugly, or pointless – I’ve never been one for pram shoes for example that invariably just fall or are pulled right off. But by time your baby is beginning to move around, you’re on the lookout for those all important first shoes for tiny feet.

Bobux are a real kid’s shoe innovator. A new one to me, the New Zealand based brand create lovely styles in eco-friendly footwear. Comfortable baby shoes, coming in ranges to suit your child’s development – from crawling to walking and everywhere in between. And in styles from tiny boots to vintage trainers to ballet shoes to loafers. The range is designed to support natural movement, and not restrict those first tottering steps.

The gold vintage trainers we were sent from the i-walk range are just lovely – baby versions of some of the retro styles around in soft grainy leather with velcro fastenings and soft, flexible soles. The pre-walk shoes look great too, with lovely boots and sandals featuring Bobux’s ‘duo-flex’ sole to make it ultra flexible whilst still able to be worn as an outdoor shoe.

For younger babies – or for older tots for indoor use – the soft sole range is the original Bobux shoe – soft, breathable and flexible shoes in fun colourful designs. Your child will love these with the cute designs stimulate tiny minds and get fingers exploring their feet.

We highly recommended the i-walk gold vintage trainers for girls or boys. See more Bobux styles at