Billybandit: Knees will eat themselves for AW15!

Boys love fun in their fashion. Avoiding the dull boys clothing pitfalls every time, Billybandit is building a reputation as a go-to brand to make your boy run to his room to choose his own clothes.

Of course you also want a bit of style and quality mixed in with that fun and Billybandit has that in spades with its modern classic sweats, shirts and t-shirts with strong graphic prints.


The AW15 collection brings some new standouts to the collection. Our favourites and on our wishlist for fluxlings #2 (just 5!) are the yellow winged mac, and the face print tracksuit complete with monster kneed joggers. Knees that eat themselves  (and the ground every time they hit it)! Yes please! And not to mention the pale blue mountain scene sweat with removeable animals designed to look great even when the animals are lost down the sofa.

Billybandit is beautifully functional, super cool style (and we reckon a lot of the pieces will work just as well for style savvy girls too even if they are sold in the boys section!).

Billybandit is available at and at