Design duo Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager are the creative brains behind innovative Danish childrens brand BangBang clothing. Although they didn’t originally see themselves in design (Mia wanted to work with chimpanzees and Louise wanted a career as a marine biologist) the pair went on to study at The Danish Design School in Copenhagen and eventually came together through their mutual love for their clothing and drawing and their mutual hate for clichés.


Influenced by their own children, who they say tell them direct what works and what don’t, their brand is inspired by Japanese Origami fused with the edgy cool of street art and underground fashion, making their designs both unique and functional; with function being key for childrenswear. Of their mission statement Mia and Louise say; “We love to make clothes with an aesthetic look that will make children and their parents smile at the same time. The aim for us was to create a universe that was 100% our own and to keep telling new stories from that book. We are very serious about our silly universe”.

It is the feeling of this “created universe” that seems to be the crux of the success of the brand. In typical child-like fashion, kids love the playful look of the clothes under the allusion they’ve raided a dressing up box with the clothing bordering slightly on charming costumes than normal everyday attire. On browsing their current collection, there is a definite circus theme with an abstract art connation, through their use of loud clashing prints in bold colours juxtaposed with monochrome and quirky accessories via miniature ringmaster hats and bowties.

It is the inevitable delight children get from purely wearing their clothing which brings the greatest joy to the BangBang girls. They say; “We love our work. It’s a privilege to create clothes from our own universe. But the best part about being a designer is when you see people that are happy about wearing our clothes. That just makes our day! Gone are the days when it was deemed the norm for girls to wear sugary pink dresses and boys blue dungarees, BangBang aim to break down those childrenswear stereotypes to create playful clothing that allow children’s individual style to shine through

And future plans for BangBang?  Expect to see them further develop their womenswear range so you too can let out your inner child.

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