The new Bambino Mio miosolo is an all in one reusable cloth nappy, designed for eco-friendly convenience. And in some wonderful block colours – right on trend with that one – it’s a thumbs up from us!

I can’t quite believe we’re doing a nappy feature, but anyone who knows us and our changing habits knows that we are cloth nappy aficionados at fluxlings.


Not in a religious, zealous, new age kind of way. Neither in an excessively green way, although it’s good to know we are not contributing to the ever increasing landfill – but avoiding putting chemicals next to baby skin will always win the day for me. With both Fluxlings wearing cloth nappies from day one, I’ve always found them easy and convenient and fantastic value for money compared to disposables. And of course – very cute. You never have to pop out because you’ve run out of nappies. And our first batch are still going strong on fluxlings #2 now 18 months.

The other very major plus for me has been, with both fluxlings starting up with eczema if you use even a sniff of the wrong thing on them, bottoms have never ever been an issue. No nappy rash or anything at all. I really put that down to reusable nappies.

Of course, the modern, shaped nappy ranges are a far cry from the terry cloth squares and nappy pins I can remember my younger siblings being strapped into. And like with so many other bits of kids wear, Velcro is a wonderful invention in its place. I have found even from newborn we ‘ve used three to four reusable nappies a day. Some websites say you need eight – no way from my experience so change your brand if you are using that many!

All our cloth nappies come in two parts (an inner ‘nappy’ that gets wet, and an outer plastic cover that stops the wetness getting to the baby’s clothes). Plus you use the absolutely essential nappy liner that is a strip of very soft paper that is flushable. So whenever your baby poos, it is caught (more or less!) by the liner and you simply flush liner and poo away.

But the new Bambino Mio miosolo is a one piece nappy, and I’d not tried one of these before. The miosolo is essentially a thick, soft absorbent inner strip that folds inside a ‘stay dry’ inner layer that moves the moisture away from the baby’s skin. This is all encased in a soft plastic outer layer.

Putting on the miosolo is a breeze. Fluxlings #2 is about 10 kg by now, and the fit was good. This nappy is designed so that one size fits all with press studs down the front that allow you to change the fit. We’ve been using it with all of these undone, so the biggest fit which will be fine for our 18 month old fluxling #2 for a while.

Absorbency wise, we’ve found the miosolo lasts around 4 hours which is pretty usual. Nursery have found them fine at around that too. Comfort wise, they are slimmer than the two piece system, so good for toddling around. I have not taken the plunge and tried one overnight yet – I’ve seen some reviews that have said they work just fine, but I’m too lazy to risk mid-night changes. Plus as I said, we are not religious about the fabric nappy thing so we’ve got a solution for that – use a night time disposable overnight after first birthday!

After the miosolo has been washed you do have to wriggle a bit to get the absorbent strip back inside the nappy flat, but once it’s there it stays put – I thought it might twist but not at all. Another positive is that these dry really quickly on an airer compared to our main stock of bamboo nappies, and they stay soft too.

I would say that if you are tentatively thinking about taking the plunge and changing from disposable nappies to resuables, these are a great entry point and could be all you need. They are convenient to put on and easy to wash and dry. And if you are hesitating, one of the major stopping points for mums I’ve spoken to is what do you do with poos in a reusable! Please don’t panic about poo – just use the usable liner and flush!

Bambino Mio miosolo are available in 6 block colour shades. To buy online or for local stockists see