The logistical nightmare of trying to board a plane with a young child or baby might finally be over! We tried out the new Babyzen YOYO buggy and you’ll never believe it but my (overfilled) day bag is more of a challenge.


Babyzen is the award winning pushchair range coming from France, whose speciality is light, ergonomic design. Their current collection consists of three strollers – the Zen, the Yoga which is a complimentary system for newborns, and now the YOYO.

The Babyzen YOYO buggy is a bit of a secret waiting to unfold itself onto the UK market with a flick, a twist and hey presto, a cool new buggy. The big selling point is that this innovative piece of pint-sized engineering weighs in at just 5.8 kg and folds into an extremely compact 52 x 44 x 18 cm making it comply with cabin luggage recommendations. We’ve tried out many prams and pushchairs in the fluxlings household and I must admit the diminutive size of the Babyzen YOYO is a new concept on me.

When the buggy arrived, the box is just a little, well, little. The YOYO is really easy to put up, transforming the smallest of packages into a surprisingly sturdy means of getting around with the little one, for a lightweight stroller that is. I mean, it is never going to be the most robust of pushchairs, but it’s not as flimsy by any means as I was expecting. It pretty good looking too coming in black, and you add covers and the hood to give it the red or blue colour of your choice, and off you go.



The YOYO has four wheels and an adjustable backrest. For flying, it means you can keep the buggy with you right up to the boarding gate. Once there, it really does fold up and down incredibly easily, and the folded down size is just remarkable. It comes with a shoulder strap so with baby in one arm and this over your shoulder you’re all ready to board the plane – no hassle at all. Not one for country lanes or helping with shopping, but ideal for urban dashes and highly recommended for travelling. With an Italian holiday coming up this summer, this is an extra item on the fluxlings wishlist. No doubt this is a purchase that will make life easier for the holidaying masses this summer, not to mention those struggling to get buggies and out of car boots on a daily basis.

The Babyzen YOYO is available in the UK at at £309.