Autumn Activities for The Whole Family

Now that autumn is officially here, the weather will become cooler and weekends will become harder to fill with fun outdoor activities. Ensure the kids don’t spend all their time glued to the TV by following our top tips for Autumn activities.

Plan some outdoor fun and make the most of the weekends and holidays by enjoying the great outdoors with the whole of the family. We’ve pulled together our top five activities to give you some inspiration!



1. Learn at the local castles and museums

Many towns and cities across the country have plenty of history for you to explore. Have a look in your local area for nearby castles, museums or historic sites that you can visit
together and get ready for some intense learning and a lot of questions from your little ones. Keeping their brains engaged with lots of new and exciting information will distract them from the cartoons they will be missing and you never know, you might learn something too. Kids can gain free entry to all English Heritage locations when entering with a member so make sure you sign up to get discounted entry at every site.

2. Get creative on rainy days

It wouldn’t be a surprise if we woke up to a downpour, so make sure you are prepared for all situations. If you have the time to plan, pop to the shop and pick up some arts and crafts
items such as glues, glitters, pipe cleaners and craft paper. Get up before the kids and dedicate an area in your home to creativity. Let their imaginations run wild with their creations – just make sure they remember to help tidy up after. Getting busy in the kitchen is a great alternative too, plus it saves you worrying about what to cook for dinner. Homemade pizza faces are simple and easy for everyone to enjoy. Have all your ingredients already prepared and laid out, then get the kids to add their favourite toppings to make a funny face or pretty pattern. If pizza isn’t your thing, then try making cookies or brownies for a tasty treat.

3. Find fun welly walks

Taking a step outside can be a great way to let the kids release some energy, just remember to take the proper clothing with you as the weather can change quickly. Wrap up warm in waterproof coats which will keep them cosy during your outdoor adventures. There are plenty of places to go wandering, but don’t forget activities to keep them busy whilst you walk. Small bridges over streams are great for a game of Pooh Sticks, splashing in puddles is fun whatever your age and since it’s October, keep your eyes peeled for conkers as you go. If you’re struggling to think of somewhere interesting to go walking or just want to see something new, take a look at Joules’ Welly Walks to find a popular walk near you!

joules kids wellies


4. Build your own den

When you’re out in the back garden, there’s nothing quite like building your own little fort for you to hang out in. Collect broken branches together to create the main frame of the den, then use big leaves to keep the rain out. You can decorate your den with a handmade sign, or place rocks out by the den entrance to warn off intruders and welcome friends. If the weather suddenly turns and their den isn’t as waterproof as they thought, then bring the fun inside instead. Grab a clothes horse, some big sheets and blankets, and a few cushions and your good to go! Building a den is a great way to use your imagination and get creative.

5. Get to know the animals

If you are lucky enough to live near the countryside, there may well be a local farm you can visit to learn about farm life and meet some of the animals living there. These farms are a
great opportunity to let children experience the open spaces and learn about the animals, but don’t forget farms are muddy places so dress for the occasion with your wellies. If you don’t have a farm to visit, there’s always plenty of wildlife to see outside. Take a trip to the seaside to see the seagulls and rock pools, delve into a nearby forest to spot squirrels in the trees and bugs on the ground, or pop down to the local park and feed the ducks.