Children’s online retailer AlexandAlexa have been champions of kid’s fashion since their launch in 2007. Now the children’s fashion experts are turning their hand to interiors with a new Home & Décor collection and we think the specially selected range will help you make your kid’s room just as unique as the contents of their wardrobe. Plus there are quite a few of these items that would be perfectly at home in your adult spaces, if you’re into fun, unique pieces that is!

A natural progression – after all design extends very easily from fashion to the things that surround us – the first brands in AlexandAlexa’s Home and Nursery categories reflect the sensibility seen in the retailer’s fashion selections with an added offbeat cool that is fun and exciting.



There are some great items here for creating environments that will fuel children’s imaginations, and encourage a cross over between what is décor and what is play. And at the same time, there is a hand-crafted design conscience about everything in this really beautifully curated collection of items.

We’re really happy to see the selection focus on a great selection of quirky, emerging designers that are full of fun and character. There is a sustainable approach too, with many of the brands adopting fair trade, eco-friendly and organic processes in their manufacture.

Our favourites include cushions and bedding by Ferm Living, including some pretty amazing robot shaped cushions, and the storage boxes and stackable bookcases in colour pops by Sebra. We’re also loving the sure-to-be-a-hit English countryside rugs by Sew Heart Felt that are cartoonish fox and badger pelts designed in England and hand-crafted by rural women in Nepal. Flux favourites Paperboy bring their wonderful wallpapers for boys to the mix alongside a new discovery for us, the whimsical enchanted wood wallpapers by Hibou Home.

Danish brand Lucky Boy Sunday (pictured) offer playful knitted cushions, blankets and even playhouses all crafted by textile designers in Bolivia using Alpaca wool. And there is a collection of party ware including My Little Day’s eco-friendly range of invitations, hats and plates in sugar-pastel shades. We’ll certainly be checking them out in a bit more details for our fluxling’s seventh birthday party coming up at the end of this month!

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