Life is full of dreaming, exploring and creating and that was always what Flux was about. So our magazine mission in modern living began in 1997, when Lee Taylor and Claire Lomax launched Flux, our first print magazine back in 1997.

So when Evelyn-May & Gabriel were born it was a perfect thing for Lee & Claire to create a Flux world for children. is for parents who are looking for the beautiful, the wonderful or the just plain different for their children. For our children to develop their own intrinsic sense of style, fun, design, beauty and creativity we conspire to surround them with it! For children from babies upwards – and their mums & dads (and their grandmas and grandads, aunties and uncles, godparents, in fact everyone who knows a child!)

Thank you for reading – we hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing from you all. And if you are interested, our grown up magazine is still very much alive at!