Do all kids like everything spooky, gory, and downright creepy? In our experience yes!

And whilst very suited to Halloween, this is an all year round hit with Armstrong-Ellis using the well known counting down rhyme as the basis for a Halloween counting book starring 10 monsters who leave the story one at a time.

“Ten creepy monsters met ’neath a gnarled pine./ One blew away, and then there were nine.”

The monstrous ensemble includes a vampire, a zombie that loses its foot, and an aquatic monster that falls in love with a human in a rowboat.

The publisher says this counting  book is for age 4 to 8, but we think this works just great for the much smaller kids. Fluxling #2 who is just 2 thinks it’s just great. The imagery is charming and fun, the monsters spooky but not terrifying and the tender surprise ending should gratify trick-or-treaters and mean we don’t have any nightmare! Just wonderful.

Ten Creepy Monsters is out now published by Abrams.