Silver Cross – best known for the iconic traditional prams – are now producing a range of soft toys for babies that aren’t just made to go into the prams.

The Homegrown range of Silver Cross toys features cute character animals from Rufus Rabbits to Harlow Hedgehog as pull along toys, rattles, blocks, playmat and activity centres. In bright colours and textured fabric, the toys encourage enquiring little minds that are just getting to that awareness stage – very touchy feely and puzzling, with lovely sounds that aren’t too noisy!

This is a beautifully made, really well thought out, collection of toys. My ten month old has been fascinated by the Rufus Rabbit pull along with its wobbly wooden wheels velcroed to the pull along cart – but in particular he’s loving the soft cauliflower, carrot and beetroot (teach them about veggies at the same time!) with their rattles and bells that pull apart and stick together again. Oh – and the rabbit’s head rotates 360 degrees which is good fun.

We also like the sound of the hedgehog that rolls across the floor, giggles then pops open and offers a hug.

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