Picaloulou handmade children’s knitwear

Picaloulou is a brand new, company creating handmade children’s knitwear. With traditional knits made from an Alpaca / Merino blend farmed in the UK, these are the best luxury kids knits we’ve come across in a long time.



It’s wonderful to think you can tell your child where their clothes come from. By that I don’t mean where they were bought! As with food (do I have at least an idea that this chicken is not battery farmed!?) but with more je ne sais quoi, it is important for a child to appreciate design, origin and what their clothes are made from. Or at least one of the above, at least some of the time.

There is a perfect opportunity for this with the current demand for traditional handmade knitwear. The trend in adult collections is filtering through – like the squirrel and rabbit twist on the Fair Isle sweater in the Little Marc Jacobs collection this year. But with kids fashion, real traditional knits are never out of fashion. When would a little boy or girl ever look anything but fantastic in a handknitted sweater?

Not being much of a knitter myself, last year I made an attempt at ordering two handknitted jumpers for fluxlings #1 and #2 for Christmas. They sounded wonderful on the Scottish website I decided on. But I was to be disappointed. Not by the quality of the jumpers – but by the unreliability of the delivery. Initially promised by Christmas and then by early January (I had left it a bit late so I was OK with this), delivery was first deferred until February, and then again until March. Reasons included too much snow to deliver the wool – fair enough – it had been a very bad winter, and then personal circumstances.

Now with handmade knitwear, you should expect things not to be totally on schedule, but this was getting too much. So with summer coming on I cancelled. After all, it would be too warm and by next winter the jumpers too small, for growing kids.

So, I was very interested to hear about new venture, Picaloulou. Set up by mum and marketing pro, Shireen Cunliffe, Picaloulou is based in Cornwall. With a network of handknitters across the UK, Shireen creates the most beautiful handknitted children’s sweaters I’ve come across. Shireen keeps a wide range of her jumpers in stock, and if your size does need to be knitted, you have her whole network to fall back on. The Fair Isle jumpers I have for the fluxlings are beautifully knitted in palest grey with charcoal and blue. The wool is exquisitely soft, and it is not itchy at all – even without a vest.

All Picaloulou knits are made from a bespoke blend of Merino and Alpaca wool from flocks farmed in Great Britain. The wool is spun into yarn in a specialist mill based in Launceston, and coloured using Soil Association approved dyes. Picaloulou has a network of knitters across the UK, all knitting to approved patterns. The final result are the snuggest, softest knits you’ll find. And they can be machine washed with your other woollens.

Styles range from the super traditional like our Fair Isle jumper and OXO cardies, to cable knits to little hooded jackets and tanktops.

There are some things you buy that are so special, you know they will last for years – and these knits are in that league. So siblings, cousins, friend (or as Fluxlings #1 would say, ‘save it for my children!’) can all enjoy these wonderful handmade jumpers. We very much approve – in fact, we want to know when they will start knitting for adults!

Picaloulou knits are made for children from 1 to 6. See www.picaloulou.com for online orders.