Lomo photography – or Lomography – is a wonderfully creative form and a great experimental, fun way for a bit bigger kids to get into some real pro photography. 

In Flux over the years, we’ve had some wonderful shoots created with Lomo cameras, and they’re always unique, creative and exciting. The new Lomography Sprocket Rocket camera is the world’s first camera dedicated to the glory of sprocket hole photography.



It has the ability of capturing panoramic, super wide-angle images, with the option of long and multiple exposures. Your child will have hours of creative fun. Plus, it’s the first analogue camera to be fitted with a reverse gear, allowing the young experimenter to rewind and remix photos! Get photos with an unmistakably analogue look by exposing the sprocket holes, those little perforations which run along the edge of 35mm film rolls.  Coming in different block colours, we love this one in teal that is great for girls and boys. 

This is no digital wonder, so be ready for film and developing costs, but well worth it if your child is a budding photography enthusiast. Typical package include camera, lens cap, tripod/strap screw, booklet, instruction manual and blocking frame.

The Lomography Sprocket Rocket Camera is available at www.alexandalexa.com or see www.lomography.com for technical details.