Jessie & James: From Queen of Hearts to Ace of Spades!

Refreshing and inspiring new children’s fashion brand, Jessie & James, present innovative Tudor shapes to turn heads this autumn. First featured at fluxlings last season, we couldn’t resist showing you the new collection that again shows the pedigree of the brand’s designers (both former collaborators with Vivienne Westwood) in the wonderful cuts and shapes for kids. Plus we have a 15% discount for fluxlings readers (read on for details)!


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For AW15, Jessie & James are inspired by medieval jesters  and Mary Queen of Scots, in a singular Alice in Wonderland style collection. Our favourites are all in black or silvery grey or boldest blood red. Loving in particular the boys silhouettes that escape the typical urban copycat styles with jackets tailored in comfortable jersey, wonderfully cut trousers and winter parkas.

What Jessie & James say:-

“King of Clubs and Queen of Hearts are the mood of the season. Jesters inspire our historical collection for Autumn / Winter 2015. Performers in Tudor times entertained common folk at fairs and markets. Jesters are often thought to have worn brightly coloured clothes and eccentric hats in a motley pattern and their modern counterparts usually mimic this costume. Magic and foolery can be seen throughout.

Mary Queen of Scots, the Queen of our Hearts inspired our very royal checks, floral tights and knee high socks that come from the tranquil gardens of Mary’s Bower.

Elements of elegant lace and brushed velvets are used in a more child friendly and playful approach; inspiring our romantic hand drawn lace, filled with snails, crickets and butterflies for a fun, yet beautiful quirky print.

The idea of outdoor sport is played out in our Renaissance bouquets of flowers, glowing with deep autumnal hues which blend in with our soft pink jerseys and casual grey mélanges. The club of soldiers are the guardians of the rose gardens and sworn to protect all living creatures. They are armoured in heavy brushed cotton parkas, wintery jeans and our intricate ‘King Panther’ embroidery to fend off any danger they might encounter.”

The Jessie & James collection is available online now. Browse the collection at and receive a 15% discount on orders with code JJFLUX15.